One client. One platform. One portfolio.

FIDx wants every financial professional to have the opportunity to become an expert in retirement income planning
When insurance products, like annuities, sit outside of a financial professional’s wealth management dashboard it can be much more difficult to understand the impact these solutions can have on a portfolio. This can make the process of writing annuities more transactional than it should be. When integrated, FIDx creates a single platform experience to evaluate accumulation and decumulation strategies in a holistic portfolio which allows the financial professionals to create outcome-based strategies tailored to the needs of their clients. In addition, it gives the home office monitoring tools to ensure compliance.
One client.
  • Product comparison and filtering tools
  • On-platform illustrations
  • An annuity proposal document, inclusive of managed accounts, showing the combined asset allocation being presented
  • Annuity risk scoring that matches account risk and is inclusive of annuity riders
 One platform.
  • Fully Actionable analytics
  • Daily account reporting and post-issue management
  • Quarterly performance reports inclusive of the annuity
  • Annuity Insights to evaluate existing annuity contracts for all clients
 One portfolio.
  • Dynamic annuity rules to ensure good order
  • Real-time licensing and appointment checks
  • Extensive and smart application pre-fill to seamlessly integrate with account order entry platforms
  • Home office monitoring and approval workflows
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