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There’s no shortage of digital planning tools available. Our goal is to bring the best of what the industry has to offer together in one place to make it easier for you to help your clients plan for the future.

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Annuity insights 

Keeping track of every annuity contract written can be time-consuming and inefficient for most financial professionals. This is important because the annuity a client purchased years ago may not be the one they need today. The Annuity Insights engine can surface and identify potential opportunities to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Step 1


Determine whether a client may be paying for a product or benefit they no longer need due to lifestyle, family, or other changes

Step 2


Identify annuity contracts in which the added benefits being paid for are less than the account value

Step 3


Show a client if lower-cost options are available that offer similar benefits.

Step 4

Save Time

Save time, stripping away the hours of preparation that come before client meeting and increase revenue by opening up new planning opportunities.

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Annuity Insights

Envestnet MoneyGuide

Through the powerful combination of MoneyGuide and FIDx, financial professionals can incorporate annuities within customized financial plans to help clients address their income and protection needs.  

From plan to product implementation, you can work with clients to compare, propose, and manage annuity contracts within the plan.  

Step 1

Total Income

Easily illustrate all sources of income during retirement while accounting for outside forces like volatility, changes to social security and more

Step 2

Secure Income

Model annuity strategies to see if one is right for your client in helping them fill the gap between what they’ll have and what they’ll need

Step 3

MyBlocks by Envestnet

Aims to simplify the complexity of annuities while helping advisors tell a compelling story of how an annuity may fit within a client’s overall financial plan.

Easily launch FIDx within the block to access a range of annuity products from the leading carriers

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iRetire® by BlackRock®

iRetire is a fast and repeatable way to kick-start the conversation around retirement income. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to see how you can help your clients navigate tradeoffs in how they save, spend and invest to and through retirement.  

iRetire can be used with both prospects and clients. 

Step 1

For Prospects

With just a few inputs, show the relationship between their savings and the income they want in retirement, opening up a crucial dialogue about their future.

Step 2

For Clients

Retirement income planning isn’t meant to be a “one and done.” iRetire is a repeatable way to engage clients and help keep them on track as they progress toward their goals.

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