The FIDx Five: Big Win for Annuities

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In a pivotal decision, the Fed opts for the Building Block Approach, a move that helps the U.S. annuity market. Discover more about that and four other stories in this edition of "The FIDx Five."

Fed's U.S. First Approach
The Fed chooses U.S. standards over international ones, giving annuity issuers a leg up.

Source: Think Advisor, "Fed Sets Annuity-Friendly Capital Rules for Insurers It Regulates," 10/12/23

From "Reality Bites" to Retirement Reality
Born after boomers but before millennials, Gen Xers face unique challenges in saving for the golden years.

Source: CNBC, "Reality does bite: Why Generation X is falling behind on retirement savings," 10/12/23

From Chatbots to Claims: AI's Insurance Evolution
As more insurance executives delve into AI's potential, a new era of efficiency, customer service, and reimagined job roles emerges.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, "Insurance Executives Are Moving Fast to Deploy New AI," 10/13/23

Rethinking Retirement Residences
In a shifting housing market, retirees find that moving to a smaller abode may not always translate into savings.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Downsizing Your Home Isn’t the Money Move It Used to Be," 10/10/23

SECURE 2.0 & Charitable Gift Annuities
The SECURE 2.0 changes bring a fresh avenue for retirees, allowing them to utilize their QCDs in funding charitable gift annuities.

Source: TheStreet, "SECURE 2.0 Expands Qualified Charitable Distributions To Include Charitable Gift Annuities," 10/13/23

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