The FIDx Five: MYGA Sales Surge Marks a Turnaround Year

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Following a significant 48% increase in Q4, sales of multi-year guaranteed annuities have shown a strong resurgence. Find out more about this rebound and stick around for four more stories in this edition of “The FIDX Five.”

Soaring High: Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities Popularity Up
Why are more investors choosing multi-year guaranteed annuities as their preferred retirement savings vehicle again?

Source: Think Advisor, “Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity Sales Get Back on the Rocket,” 03/05/24

A Retirement Reality Check
A recent quiz shows that a surprising number of Americans lack essential knowledge about retirement planning.

Source: Kiplinger, “Nearly Half of Americans Failed This Social Security Quiz About Retirement,” 03/08/24

Older Retirees' Skepticism Toward Annuities
There's surprising skepticism of annuities among older retirees, amidst growing financial uncertainties.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, “The annuity puzzle is especially puzzling for older retirees,” 03/01/24

Consolidation Is Transforming Annuity Distribution 
Industry insiders discuss the dramatic changes in distribution, driven by strategic consolidations among the 'Big Three' players.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Consolidation by ‘Big Three’ is Redefining Distribution, Speakers Say,” 03/04/24

Seeking Security in Uncertain Times
Many are increasingly looking toward annuities as a viable substitute for traditional pensions.

Source: USA Today, “Hurt by inflation, Americans yearn for pensions in retirement. One answer may be annuities,” 03/04/24

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