The FIDX Five: A Dark Horse in Annuity Sales

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After a groundbreaking year of sales, the annuity market's new leader, Athene, has everyone asking the same question: How did they ascend to the top? Find out more about that and then check out the four other stories in this edition of “The FIDX Five.”

Dominating 2023 
With a staggering $35 billion in total annuity sales last year, Athene not only tops the charts but sets a new industry standard.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Athene Trounces Competition in 2023 Annuity Sales Rankings,” 03/13/24

The Next Big Move 
RIAs are on the brink of a major shift towards incorporating fixed-rate annuities into portfolios, signaling a potential game-changer in retirement planning strategies.

Source: Think Advisor, “Will RIAs Start Using Fixed Rate Annuities in Portfolios?” 03/18/24

Beyond the Age-Old Work Paradigm
With a looming retirement crisis, the narrative is clear for a growing group: merely extending working years is not a viable solution. 
Source: The New York Times, “Working in Old Age Can’t Be the Only Answer to the Retirement Crisis,” 03/15/23

Clamping Down on Market Abuses
The Department of Labor's latest fiduciary proposal aims to redefine the landscape of financial advice. But how much about it do you know?

Source: PLANADVISER, “What Market Abuses Are DOL’s Fiduciary Proposal Supposed to Prevent?” 03/19/24

Will the Social Security Retirement Age Go Up?
House Republican budget outlines plans to increase the Social Security retirement age, sparking a nationwide debate on the future of retirement benefits.

Source: NBC News, “House Republican budget calls for raising the retirement age for Social Security,” 03/20/24

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