The FIDX Five: The $1.46 Million Milestone

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

A new magic number needed for a successful retirement emerges, setting a fresh standard for Americans. Discover more about this and the four other stories in this edition of "The FIDX Five."

The New Retirement Price Tag 
As financial landscapes evolve, the magic retirement savings target adjusts to $1.46 million, revealing deeper insights into future planning needs.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “The New Magic Number for Retirement Is $1.46 Million. Here’s What It Tells Us.” 04/02/24

Zinnia Expands
The company broadens its financial horizons by integrating AnnuityNet and Ebix into its business fold.

Source: Think Advisor, “Zinnia Closes on Business That Includes AnnuityNet,” 04/01/24

The Road Back to the Office?
The trend of remote work faces an uphill battle as workers demand employers pay for the commute.

Source: Business Insider, “Workers say employers should pay for their commute if they want them back in the office,” 04/04/24

A Retirement Crisis
Blackrock’s Larry Fink rings the alarm bell, emphasizing the urgent need to focus on the impending debt crisis.

Source: Yahoo! Finance, “Larry Fink Warns of ‘Snowballing Debt’ Hitting US Economy,” 03/26/24

Record Sales Back Buyer Satisfaction
Amidst surging sales, annuity investors share positive feedback, reinforcing the value of annuities.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Amid Record Sales, Annuity Owners Say They Made Good Choice,” 03/27/24

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