Why work with an Outsourced Insurance Desk?

Case Study Image (1)For many RIAs and fee-based advisors, managing clients’ insurance contracts can be difficult. Without an insurance license, offering clients  annuities or life insurance can be a daunting process.

That’s why the concept of an OID makes sense to a fee-based advisor. Working with an OID expands the offerings an advisor can make to include insurance contracts that have features like lifetime income and death benefits. An OID helps the advisor by acting as the agent of record and doing all paperwork and other tasks necessary to write an insurance contract.


Working with an OID gives you these advantages:

  • You retain all insurance assets under your fiduciary umbrella, which increases overall AUM and makes it easier for you to manage those assets as part of an overall portfolio.
  • OID professionals are FINRA registered and insurance licensed, freeing you to forgo licensing requirements and eliminating the need for a broker-dealer.
  • The OID works with you to make recommendations and they handle all the back-end work needed to submit the ticket.

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