The FIDx Five: A Bold Leap Forward?

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Retirement planning is undergoing a transformative change as groundbreaking guidelines for index-linked variable annuities have been approved by regulators. Explore the latest news about this financial tool and stay tuned for the other four stories we're featuring in "The FIDx Five" this week.

Index-Linked Variable Annuities Green Lit
Regulators pave the way for a new era of retirement planning by approving guidelines for index-linked variable annuities. This decision aims to provide more flexibility and choice for investors while maintaining necessary safeguards.

Source: Think Advisor, “Regulators Approve Guideline for Index-Linked Variable Annuities,” 3/28/23

The Fixed-Rate Renaissance 
As fixed-rate annuities experience a resurgence, innovative products and strategies emerge, marking a 'golden age' for the retirement investment sector. Consumers and financial professionals alike are benefitting from the expanded options and creative solutions.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Innovation Takes Off as Fixed-Rate Annuities Enter a ‘Golden Age,’” 3/27/23

RIAs Grapple With Rising Complexity Amid Expansion
A recent Schwab survey says that 75% of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) find operational complexities increasing as their businesses grow. The study highlights the need for enhanced technology and efficient management practices in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Source: Financial Advisor, “Growth Makes Operations More Complex, Say 75% Of RIAs in New Schwab Survey,” 3/29/23

Appeals Court Breathes New Life into Annuity Company Lawsuit
A U.S. appeals court resuscitates an investor lawsuit against a prominent annuity company, offering a renewed opportunity for justice. The decision underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in the annuity industry.

Source: Yahoo! Finance, “U.S. appeals court revives investor lawsuit against annuity company,” 3/28/23

Seize the Moment
Capital Group asserts that current market conditions create an optimal window for selling retirement plans. The advisory firm emphasizes the importance of timing, as well as diversification and proper risk management, to maximize returns.

Source: PLANADVISOR, “Capital Group: Now is Optimal Time to Sell Retirement Plans,” 3/29/23

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