The FIDx Five: The Surprising Cohort Eyeing Advisers

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

See why financial concerns like living expenses and student debt are driving Generation Z to consider the value of advice. Then stick around for four other interesting stories in the latest edition of "The FIDx Five."

Retirement Advice: Not Just for the Boomers
As 68% of Generation Z express a desire for financial counseling before making financial decisions, the retirement industry is presented with an expansive new audience.

Source: PLANADVISOR, “Retirement Industry Can Leverage Young Investor Interest in Guidance,” 9/26/23

Annuity Sales Surge, But Profits Tumble for Insurers
With premiums surging by 14%, why is the industry still experiencing a staggering 40% profit drop?

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Industry Profits Fall Nearly 40% on Rising Expenses, Surrenders,“ 9/27/23

The ‘4% Rule’ Questioned 
As the U.S. braces for a retirement boom, traditional financial wisdom faces scrutiny, with many advisors advocating for more cautious strategies.

Source: 401k Specialist, “With ‘Peak 65’ Nearing, More Advisors Consider Annuities,” 9/27/23

Trade Groups Oppose SEC's Asset Safeguard Proposal
New custody requirements by the SEC face backlash, as critics argue they may stifle best-interest investment advice and product sales.

Source: Financial Advisor, "SEC Safeguarding Proposal Would Hurt Investors, 26 Trade Groups Say," 9/13/23

Retirement Dreams vs. Realities
The golden era of retirement might not shine as brightly as expected, with recent studies revealing significant disconnects.

Source: Morningstar, “What will retirement really be like? Most people have no idea what's coming,” 9/28/23

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