The FIDx Five: Why Some Annuities Stick

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What are the top reasons determining how long a client keeps an annuity? Find out and then stick around for four other stories we recommend in this week's "The FIDx Five."

Ensuring Annuity Stickiness
These are the crucial elements that determine the likelihood of annuities remaining a part of a financial plan.

Source: ThinkAdvisor, "How Likely Is That Annuity to Stick?" 06/13/24

Unlocking Generational Wealth
Inherited annuities can play a pivotal role in extending financial security across generations.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, "Inherited Annuities: Helping to Stretch Generational Wealth," 06/01/24

The Catalyst for Growing Annuity Interest
Here's how financial advisors can significantly enhance client interest and confidence in annuity products.

Source: 401k Specialist, "Financial Advisors May Boost Annuity Interest," 06/12/24

Bridging the Gap in Financial Wellness
The critical areas where 401(k) plan sponsors can improve to better support their workers' financial health.

Source: InvestmentNews, "Are 401(k) Plan Sponsors Missing the Mark on Workers’ Financial Wellness?" 06/13/24

Inside the Mind of Annuity Leaders
Hear from three CEOs on innovative growth and M&A strategies shared at a recent conference.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, "Three CEOs Spotlight Diverse Growth, M&A Strategies at S&P Conference," 06/10/24

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