The FIDx Five: The Impending SEC Proposal That Could Shift the Game

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Unravel the potential impact of the SEC's new custody proposal that could throw a curveball at RIAs. Then stick around for the other four stories that we think are critical to read in this week’s “The FIDx Five."

A Potential Annuity Roadblock
The SEC’s latest custody proposal might pose significant challenges for RIAs working with annuities. Dive into the details and potential implications of this industry-shaking initiative.

Source: Financial Advisor, “SEC Custody Proposal Could Hamstring RIAs Using Annuities,” 5/10/23

Retirement Alarm
The latest research reveals a startling statistic: half of all U.S. households could face a retirement savings deficit. Explore the factors contributing to this imminent crisis and the possible solutions.

Source: Think Advisor, “Half of U.S. Households at Risk of Retirement Shortfall,” 5/10/23

Race for Returns
Structured life insurance has its merits, but it may not hold pace with structured annuities in the long run. Understand the dynamics between these two financial products and why one tends to outperform the other.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Why Structured Life Won’t Keep Up With Structured Annuities,” 5/10/23

RIA Guiding Plan Sponsors
A new RIA aims to assist plan sponsors in making informed and diligent annuity selections. Discover how this fresh player is planning to make waves in the annuity advisory space.

Source: Plan Adviser, “New RIA Aims to Advise Plan Sponsors on Diligent Annuity Selection,” 5/10/23

Highlighting 2022's Underdogs
Last year saw some smaller annuity sellers outpacing their larger competitors in terms of growth. Learn who these dark horses were, and what propelled their extraordinary success.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “These Were the Fastest-Growing Smaller Annuity Sellers in 2022,” 5/8/23

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