The FIDx Five: Soaring Sales Test Workers' Resilience

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The annuity market's rapid expansion is taking a toll on industry workers, who are being pushed to their limits in order to accommodate the boom. Read all about that and four other key stories in this week’s, “The FIDx Five.”

The Fallout as Sales Skyrocket to New Heights
As the annuity market shoots to unprecedented levels, industry workers are feeling the pressure to keep up. Discover how this record-breaking surge is impacting home office employees at carriers.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Workers ‘Pulling Their Hair Out’ as Annuity Sales Boom to Records,” 5/3/23

Piecing Together the Puzzle
Where do annuities fit in your client's long-term financial plan? Experts weigh in on the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating annuities into a well-rounded retirement strategy.

Source: ThinkAdvisor, “Where Do Annuities Fit in Your Client's Retirement Strategy?” 5/4/23

Tech Turmoil?
Futurist Ric Edelman warns that rapid technological advancements could potentially destabilize traditional annuity and insurance income and estate planning strategies. Find out what the future may hold for the industry.

Source: Financial Advisor, “Edelman: Technology Could Wreck Annuity and Insurance Income And Estate Planning Strategies,” 5/4/23

Retirement Roadblock
A recent study uncovers a surprising hesitancy among plan sponsors to provide retirement income options. Explore the reasons behind this reluctance and the potential implications for retirees.

Source: PlanSponsor, “Many Plan Sponsors Hesitant to Offer Retirement Income, Study Shows,” 5/3/23

The Annuity Conundrum: To Invest or Not to Invest 
TheStreet's The Hammer tackles a pressing question: should investors consider an annuity inside their IRA? Delve into what he sees as the pros and cons.

Source: TheStreet, “Ask the Hammer: Should I Invest in an Annuity Inside My IRA?” 5/3/23

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