The FIDx Five: Optimism for Even More Next Year

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Riding the wave of a stellar year, the annuity sector is poised for an even stronger performance as economic forecasts signal favorable conditions in 2024. It's one of the five stories we feature in this edition of "The FIDX Five."

Strong 2023 Annuity Sales Predicts Upbeat Future
With a record-breaking performance in annuity sales, the market eyes an even more prosperous 2024.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, “Annuity sales review: 2023 was great but 2024 could be even better,” 12/27/23

Generation X Faces $500,000 Retirement Shortfall
As they approach retirement, Gen Xers confront a significant savings gap, with many lacking the amount needed for a comfortable retirement.

Source: Newsweek, “Middle-Aged Americans Short Half-Million Dollars for Retirement,” 12/22/23

Annuity Divide
New research indicating that simplifying the annuity purchase process could be more effective than advisor recommendations.

Source: Think Advisor, “Advisors May Have Little Power to Bridge the Annuity Divide,” 12/31/23

Are High Annuity Yields Coming to an End?
Despite predictions of a slight decline in interest rates, higher portfolio yields from recent years could still benefit life and annuity issuers.

Source: Morningstar, “Is this the end for high annuity yields?” 12/27/23

Retirement in 2024
Upcoming adjustments next year to Social Security payments, Medicare costs, and retirement plan contributions are set to reshape the financial landscape.

Source: AARP, “7 Ways Retirement Will Be Different in 2024,” 12/21/23

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