The FIDx Five: New Sales Heights in 2023

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Annuity sales soared to unprecedented levels last year, driven by economic shifts and a growing demand for investment security, according to LIMRA. Discover more about that and the four other stories featured in this week’s “The FIDX Five.”

Record-Breaking Year for Annuity Sales, Reports LIMRA
2023 annuity sales marked a notable 23% increase from the previous year, driven by higher interest rates and economic factors.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, “LIMRA: Annuity sales post another record year in 2023,” 01/24/24

A Nationwide 401(k)-to-Annuity Conversion
Fidelity takes its 401(k)-to-Income Annuity Offering national, offering retirees a new avenue for stable income post-retirement.

Source: Plan Adviser, “Fidelity Goes National With 401(k)-to-Income Annuity Offering,” 01/25/24

Leading Insurers Predict Strong Earnings Growth
Brighthouse and Prudential top earnings forecasts, signaling robust growth prospects ahead.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Brighthouse, Prudential Top List of Insurers Forecasting Earnings Gains,” 01/26/24

How to Safeguard Retirement Plans Against Midlife Crises
Experts offer strategies for your clients to protect retirement savings from being derailed by midlife challenges and crises.

Source: The New York Times, “Keeping a Midlife Crisis From Wrecking Your Retirement Plan," 01/20/24

Comparing the Appeal of Crypto and Annuities
Dig into this critical analysis of whether cryptocurrencies are overshadowing annuities in mainstream investment strategies.

Source: Think Advisor, “Is Crypto More Mainstream Than Annuities?” 01/23/24

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