The FIDX Five: Annuity Carrier Countdown

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

CNN ranked annuity carriers in a number of different categories. See who rated where and then check out four other topical articles about the industry in this edition of “The FIDX 5.”

Ranking the Top Annuity Providers
CNN breaks down their picks for the best annuity carriers for February, offering a detailed look at the industry's leaders.

Source: CNN, “10 best annuity companies for February 2024,” 02/13/24

Confident Despite Regulatory and Rate Hurdles
Amid a landscape of regulatory challenges and fluctuating interest rates, Athene's executives remain unfazed.

Source: Insurance News Net, “Athene execs unbothered by regulatory, interest rate headwinds,” 02/21/24

Revolutionizing Asset Management
AI technologies are set to redefine asset management, offering unprecedented analytical insights and operational efficiencies.

Source: Financial Times, “How Gen AI will change asset management,” 02/15/24

How Early Claiming of Social Security Makes Sense
Challenging conventional wisdom, a new analysis reveals scenarios where claiming Social Security benefits before age 70 could optimize lifetime income.

Source: Think Advisor, “Is This Big Risk Lurking in Your Social Security Claiming Math?” 02/21/24

Experts Caution Against Early Withdrawals Under SECURE 2.0
New legislation allows for $1,000 emergency withdrawals from 401(k) plans, but some warn this could undermine long-term retirement savings.

Source: Newsweek, “Americans Warned Against Accessing $1,000 Under New Law: 'It's a Bad Idea,’” 02/20/24

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