The FIDx Five: When Target-Date Funds Meet Annuities

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Dive into the challenges and opportunities presented when merging target-date funds with annuities in retirement planning. And then stay for four more engaging stories in this week’s “The FIDX Five.”

A Complicated Affair
Explore the intricate dynamics of blending target-date funds with annuities—a strategic puzzle for investors.

Source: Morningstar, “Target-Date Funds and Annuities ... It’s Complicated,” 10/09/24

The Next Big Thing 
Discover why BlackRock's CEO is championing annuities as the key to securing financial stability in retirement.

Source: Think Advisor, “BlackRock CEO Sees Annuities as Retirement Plans' Future,” 04/15/24

Addressing Top Retirement Income Myths
Debunk common retirement income myths and gain clarity on managing your financial future with expert insights.

Source: Plan Adviser, “Rebutting 7 Retirement Income Concerns,” 04/18/24

Rapid Expansion of RIAs
Join industry experts as they discuss the significant growth in Registered Investment Advisors and what it means for asset management.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, “Panel to look at growth of RIAs, as channel grows in number, assets,” 04/15/24

Surge in Retirees Liquidations
New FCA data sheds light on why more retirees are opting to cash out their small pension pots, and what it could mean for their financial health.

Source: MoneyWeek, “Retirees cash out small pension pots, FCA figures reveal,” 04/16/24

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