The FIDx Five: Breathing a Sigh of Relief

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Insurers are witnessing a much-needed reprieve after being inundated with annuity applications last year. Dive into how they weathered the storm, and then check out four more stories that got our attention in this week’s “The FIDx Five.”

Annuity Application Avalanche Subsides
As the flood of annuity applications begins to recede, insurance companies are finally finding room to breathe. Industry insiders reveal the strategies they implemented to stay afloat during the surge.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Insurers Choking on Annuity Applications Finally Catch Their Breath,” 4/10/23

Recordkeepers Fuel the Rise of In-Plan Annuity Adoption
The growing popularity of in-plan annuity offerings is propelled by recordkeepers embracing the trend. Learn how this collaboration is revolutionizing the retirement planning landscape.

Source: PlanAdviser, “In-Plan Annuity Offerings Gain Steam with Recordkeepers,” 4/11/23

The Case for Integrating Fixed-Rate Annuities into Managed Portfolios 
Financial experts argue that fixed-rate annuities deserve a spot in managed portfolios. Discover the benefits and stability these financial products can bring to long-term investment strategies.

Source: TheStreet, “Yes, Fixed-Rate Annuities Should Be in a Managed Portfolio,” 4/11/23

Rethinking Annuity Marketing
Discover the groundbreaking research that's transforming the annuity marketing landscape, setting the stage for a secure and prosperous retirement. Unlock the secrets to connecting with your audience and stay ahead in the annuity game.

Source: Think Advisor, “Research Points to a Better Way to Market Annuities,” 4/10/23

China's Retirement Age Conundrum
China confronts a critical choice regarding its low retirement age, with potential repercussions on its economy and workforce. Explore the factors shaping this pivotal moment in the nation's history.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “China Is Facing a Moment of Truth About Its Low Retirement Age,” 4/11/23

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