The FIDx Five: Retirement Investment Rule Faces Repeal

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

A new legislative effort seeks to reverse the current retirement planning rule. Discover more about that and four other stories in this edition of “The FIDx Five.”

Senate Showdown 
Senator Joe Manchin teams up with GOP senators to challenge a key retirement investment planning rule.

Source: Yahoo Finance, "Manchin, GOP senators move to overturn retirement investment planning rule," 05/16/24 

Lincoln Financial Welcomes New EVP 
Brian Kroll steps into a pivotal role at Lincoln Financial Group, spearheading retail life and annuity solutions with fresh leadership.

Source: Insurance News Net, "Lincoln Financial Group Appoints Brian Kroll as EVP, Head of Retail Life and Annuity Solutions," 05/14/24

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Winners and Losers Revealed 
F&G Annuities & Life CEO Chris Blunt breaks down the major impacts of the DOL fiduciary rule, highlighting key beneficiaries and those left behind.

Source: ThinkAdvisor, "Annuity Issuer CEO Names DOL Fiduciary Rule Winners and Losers," 05/13/24

Ultimate Tax Haven 
Discover the powerful annuity strategy that provides a tax shelter for the ultra-wealthy, shielding vast fortunes from hefty tax bills.

Source: Financial Planning, "The annuity strategy shielding wealthy clients from taxes," 05/12/24

Navigating Single-Spouse Retirement 
Explore the dynamics and challenges couples face when only one spouse retires, and the strategies to keep relationships strong.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Marriage Takes Work—Especially When Only One Spouse Retires," 05/11/24

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