The FIDx Five: The Future of Annuities—Powered by AI

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and annuities, along with four other captivating stories, in this edition of 'The FIDX Five.

AI Meets Annuities
See how artificial intelligence is transforming the annuity market, offering smarter, more customized retirement solutions.

Source: Think Advisor, “Harnessing AI in Annuities,” 12/12/23

A Financial Curveball 
Explore how baseball star Shohei Ohtani's unique financial deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers may or may not be a play every investor can or should mimic.

Source: Business Insider, “Shohei Ohtani's unusual deal with the Dodgers could save him millions, but that doesn't mean regular investors should follow suit,” 12/13/23

Global Influence
Discover the paradox of U.S. insurers' rankings: high frequency but lower positions in S&P Global’s prestigious Top 50 list.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “U.S. Insurers Place Low, But Often in S&P Global’s Top 50 Ranking,” 12/13/23

A Shaky Future? 
Delve into the controversial proposal from the Labor Department that some argue could potentially jeopardize the retirement security of millions.

Source: The Hill, “Labor Department proposes retirement insecurity,” 12/13/23

Digital Evolution
Examine the potential surge in annuity usage driven by cutting-edge digital capabilities, reshaping retirement planning.

Source: 401(k) Specialist, “Digital Capabilities Could Spike Annuity Usage,” 12/14/23

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