The FIDx Five: Bright Days Ahead for Annuities?

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

Explore why financial experts are optimistic about the annuity market's potential to thrive and dominate in the years to come. Then check out the other four stories in the latest edition of "The FIDx Five."

Seizing Tomorrow
As we look into the future, discover how annuities are becoming the essential tool for crafting a resilient and prosperous retirement plan.

Source: Think Advisor, “Why the 2050 Annuity Market Looks Beautiful,” 10/25/23

From Classroom to Cashflow? 
Explore the ambiguous journey of insurers from educating their potential customers to converting them into sales.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “Insurers Tout Financial Literacy Efforts, But Mum on Effect on Sales,” 10/25/23

Navigating Annuities in DC Plans
Uncover key insights from PGIM’s David Blanchett on integrating annuities into defined contribution plans for optimal retirement outcomes.

Source: 401k Specialist, “What to Consider When Contemplating an Annuity for a Defined Contribution Plan,” 10/20/23

62% of Retirees Would Redo Retirement Plans
A striking Lincoln Financial report uncovers that over half of retirees regret not saving earlier and more effectively for their golden years.

Source: Plan Adviser, “Most Retirees Would Change Retirement Strategy, Lincoln Financial Finds," 10/20/23

Gen Z's 'Soft Saving' and the Future of Retirement
Analyze how Gen Z’s financial choices, favoring lifestyle over savings, might impact traditional notions of retirement.

Source: CNBC, “Say goodbye to retirement? A 'soft saving' trend is emerging among young people," 10/23/23

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