The FIDx Five: The New Retirement Blueprint

Retirement, Annuity, & Fintech Insights 

See how fresh perspectives are influencing the future of retirement planning and stick around for four more stories in the latest edition of “The FIDx Five.”

Shifting Mindsets 
Discover how changing attitudes are reshaping the landscape of retirement planning for advisors.

Source: PlanAdviser, "Addressing Changing Attitudes Toward Retirement Planning," 05/24/24

The Private Equity Invasion
Learn how annuity providers are strengthening their defenses against the rising tide of private equity firms.

Source: ThinkAdvisor, "Annuity Issuers Armor Up Against Private Equity Players," 05/29/24

Saving Time, Not Just Money
Meet the Gen Zers who are redefining retirement savings with a focus on time over money.

Source: CNBC, "Meet the Gen Zers maxing out their retirement savings: 'It's no longer chasing money; it's chasing time'," 05/29/24

Rising Stars
These five annuity carriers are poised to break into the industry's top ranks.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, "These Five Annuity Carriers are on the Verge of Cracking the Top 20," 05/29/24

A Taste of the Good Life
Despite the challenges, more Americans are choosing to retire overseas.

Source: CNN, "Retiring abroad can mean more bureaucracy than bruschetta. But it’s growing in popularity," 05/27/24

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