The FIDx Five: Digital Integration Scores Big in Satisfaction Rankings

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Leading the way in customer satisfaction, digital-forward annuity and life providers outshine in recent industry study. Discover more about that and four other stories in this edition of "The FIDX Five."

Tech-Savvy Insurers Triumph in Customer Satisfaction
Insurers who embrace digital advancements are setting the pace in client contentment, leading the pack in the latest satisfaction survey.

Source: InsuranceNewsNet, “Digital-friendly life, annuity providers lead in satisfaction study,” 11/6/23

Fixed-Rate Annuity Surrenders Surge Imminent, Analysts Warn
The financial sector braces for a wave of fixed-rate annuity surrenders, challenging providers to navigate the potential flood.

Source: Life Annuity Specialist, “The Coming Tsunami of Fixed-Rate Surrenders,” 11/6/23

Decoding the Department of Labor's New Fiduciary Blueprint
A DOL official outlines the comprehensive elements of the forthcoming fiduciary rule, aiming to enhance investment advice standards.

Source: Think Advisor, “Here Are the ‘Big-Picture’ Principles of New Fiduciary Rule: DOL Official,” 11/6/23

Insurance Industry Clashes with DOL Over Controversial Rule Proposal
The latest proposed rule by the Department of Labor faces stiff opposition from some in the insurance sector, citing significant concerns.

Source: Investment News, “The insurance industry really doesn’t like the DOL’s proposed rule,” 11/2/23

White House Targets Excessive Retirement Plan Fees
The Biden administration takes aim at eliminating unnecessary 'junk fees' to protect American retirement savings.

Source: CNBC, “Biden administration to crack down on ‘junk fees’ in retirement plans,” 10/31/23

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